Apply For A Playhouse!

  •  Do you live in Lucas County?

  • Can you attend a presentation on May 28, 2020 at Fifth Third Field?

  • Will you make every effort to pick up the Playhouse?

  • Playhouses will be offered to Lucas County families at no cost. 

  • Apply and submit application below. 

Family Partnership Application

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
How did you hear about Project Playhouse
Name(s) and tell us about your child(ren)
Explain how this playhouse will impact your child(ren):
Playhouse Theme (characters, numbers, or letters)
Favorite Color(s)
I agree I will have my child(ren) at the Playhouse presentation on May 28 at Fifth Third Field.
It would be a financial hardship to purchase a Playhouse for my child(ren).
I agree to make every effort to pick up the Playhouse.
I agree to the below usage terms and conditions

I give Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity, its representatives, and Playhouse build sponsors permission to and assign the right to use and reproduce my family and/or child(ren) name, image, likeness and/or voice in any and all forms of media including, without limitation, photographs, films, videos, tape recordings, and internet publications. I also authorize MVHFH to use and distribute for any or all purposes letters, stories, testimonials, other writings attributable to me. I make no further claim of any nature of or connected with said use on my name, image/likeness, written or verbal statement made by me.

I agree to the below playhouse specifications agreement

I understand the size of the playhouse is 4' wide x 5' long x 6' high and it is made of wood. MVHFH will not disassemble the playhouses for pick-up and delivery. It will take 3-4 strong individuals to load and unload it. You will need a truck to transport it. It will not fit in a van. I understand the paint on the Playhouse may not be dry by pick-up time and I have space in a yard or garage and verified it will fit through any doors or gates.

I agree to the below media terms

I understand media may be present and I may be asked to speak to the media. If I am not comfortable speaking with the media, I will communicate that to Habitat staff.

I agree to the below waiting list agreement

I understand Habitat reaches out to many organizations to find families to receive playhouses and I may not receive one at the original specified date or location. If this happens, I understand I will be placed on a waiting list for another playhouse build.