Project Playhouse

"Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity hit a homerun with Project Playhouse at Fifth Third Field."



Project Playhouse at Fifth Third Field commemorated Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity's 30th Anniversary.

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Thank You Safety Partner:
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Build For A Child:

Each playhouse will take 5-6 hours to build and paint with the help of 8-10 volunteers. Teams will design and decorate each playhouse with a special child in mind. Volunteers will assemble the sides, door, windows, trim, roof, and paint the completed structure. Proceeds benefit families in Lucas County in need of affordable housing.

This investment tugs at the heartstrings of everyone involved. 

Sponsorship opportunities are limited.

Apply For A Playhouse:
  • Do you live in Lucas County?
  • Can you attend a presentation on May 31 at Fifth Third Field?
  • Will you make every effort to pick up the Playhouse?
  • Playhouses will be offered to Lucas County families at no cost. 
  • Apply and submit application below. 

Family Partnership Application

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
How did you hear about Project Playhouse
Name(s) and tell us about your child(ren)
Explain how this playhouse will impact your child(ren):
Playhouse Theme (characters, numbers, or letters)
Favorite Color(s)
I agree I will have my child(ren) at the Playhouse presentation on May 31 at Fifth Third Field.
It would be a financial hardship to purchase a Playhouse for my child(ren).
I agree to make every effort to pick up the Playhouse.
I agree to the below usage terms and conditions

I give Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity, its representatives, and Playhouse build sponsors permission to and assign the right to use and reproduce my family and/or child(ren) name, image, likeness and/or voice in any and all forms of media including, without limitation, photographs, films, videos, tape recordings, and internet publications. I also authorize MVHFH to use and distribute for any or all purposes letters, stories, testimonials, other writings attributable to me. I make no further claim of any nature of or connected with said use on my name, image/likeness, written or verbal statement made by me.

I agree to the below playhouse specifications agreement

I understand the size of the playhouse is 4' wide x 5' long x 6' high and it is made of wood. MVHFH will not disassemble the playhouses for pick-up and delivery. It will take 3-4 strong individuals to load and unload it. You will need a truck to transport it. It will not fit in a van. I understand the paint on the Playhouse may not be dry by pick-up time and I have space in a yard or garage and verified it will fit through any doors or gates.

I agree to the below media terms

I understand media may be present and I may be asked to speak to the media. If I am not comfortable speaking with the media, I will communicate that to Habitat staff.

I agree to the below waiting list agreement

I understand Habitat reaches out to many organizations to find families to receive playhouses and I may not receive one at the original specified date or location. If this happens, I understand I will be placed on a waiting list for another playhouse build.