Habitat ReStories: More Time With Dad

Published Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The impact Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity is making in Lucas County is life changing. Not only for families in need of affordable housing, but on its own staff.

ReStore Manager, Tom Farmer, started working for the non-profit in 2013. A natural fit for Farmer who spent 11 years working for Home Depot before applying for Habitat’s Assistant Store Manager. He brought with him a plethora of retail knowledge, working at least 8 different jobs over a decade with the Georgia-based retail giant.
Jobs that included long hours and little time for family.
“I started as an inventory manager, and then I finished my degree and went and opened up a distribution center in Van Buren. After doing 60 hour work weeks and never seeing Courtney or the kids. I said I’m done."

Now five years later, things are very different.
“I’m home so much more. The flexibility with the scheduling was huge for our family. Being able to have a set schedule when I come home everyday.”
Last year, Farmer taught his step-son how to build a bird house. An activity that included cutting wood, using drills and wood glue. Skills his step-son is now using to excel at robotics.
“We used a basic template. Prior to this, he never held a tool in his life." 

Tom uses his leadership role in his family life, but also at the ReStore

"Being in a leadership role is not a whole a lot different than a father role. You still have responsibility. You want to provide your kids with all the right knowledge to make the right choices in life. Same thing, I go out on my sales floor and I have a volunteer who is brand new. They have never worked in a retail environment in their life. Instead of thinking, what can this volunteer do for us. I think what can we do for this volunteer. How can I impact this person."