Repair FAQs

Do you have a minimum age requirement to apply?

While we partner with a lot of senior citizens, there is no age restriction to apply. If you meet our criteria, we are happy to partner with you.

How long does the process take before my repair will be done?

From application to the start of the work on your home is normally 30-90 days. We cannot address emergency repairs that are needed immediately.

What are safety & health related repairs?

Safety and health related repairs are those repairs that will affect (and improve) your living conditions, every day activities, or accessibility in or out of as well as around your home, bathroom, bathtub or kitchen. Our program does not address repairs that will simply increase the value of your home or are for convenience alone.

What repairs will you not do?

We cannot provide repairs to furnaces, boilers, or air conditioners. Nor can we do major electric repairs, major foundation repairs, and major plumbing repairs. All other repairs are considered, but may or may not be approved based on available resources.

Will you do a small project?

Yes! Anything that will make you safer or healthier in your home is never too small. We are happy to put a new lock on your front (or back) door, install a faucet on the kitchen sink, replace a window or door, fix a leaking toilet, put a grab bar in the bathroom, or install a railing on the stairs (inside or outside).

Will you repair my home for free?

No, it is not free. The homeowner pays a portion of the repair based on their income. Most homeowners use our payment plan which can be up to 24 months in length and is 0% interest.