Home Repair and Rehabilitation

If you own your home and need help completing or affording health and safety related repairs, Home Repair Ministry (HRM) might be the right program for you.

Approved applicants pay for a portion of the repair. Approved applicants repay the amount owed through a 0% interest, 1-2 year payment plan that we offer. Your payment plan is based upon your income, ability to pay, and the scope of your repair work.

Some of the repairs we can assist you with include roof replacements, gutter installation, ramps, grab bars, replacement of exterior doors and windows, and repair of porches and railings. 

Like all Habitat programs, HRM is based on true partnership.

As the homeowner, you will complete “Sweat Equity” or volunteer hours. The amount of hours you will be asked to complete depends on the size of the project and your abilities but usually involves helping with prep and actual work as well as being present during the repair. You can ask family members and friends to help you achieve some of your hours. Learn more about "Sweat Equity."

Qualifications for Home Repair Ministry

We select eligible homeowners based on three qualifications.

1. Need Your income must be at or below 80% of the Average Median Income (AMI) for Lucas County (see the chart at right) and the scope of your repair must be health or safety related.

In addition:

  • you must be living in the home and the legal owner of the property for at least one year
  • you cannot own additional property
  • you must intend to remain in your home for at least two years
  • your home must be in Lucas County
  • the overall condition of your home must be sound enough to justify the cost of the repair

2. Ability to Pay You must demonstrate your ability to afford a repayment plan.

  • Your income must be steady, reliable, and documented and or greater than 20% of AMI (see the chart at right)
  • Your collection debts normally cannot be more than $5,000
  • We determine whether or not you meet the remaining financial requirements through our application process

3. Willingness to Partner You must be willing to fulfill the requirements of our program.

  • You must meet deadlines, attend your scheduled appointments, and demonstrate your willingness to partner with our staff and volunteers.
  • You must also fulfill Sweat Equity requirements. Your requirements usually involve participating in the preparation work, actual work on (as you are able), and being present during your repair project.
  • You will need to accept the required costs and repay them, using our 0% interest loan if needed.  


Home Repair Ministry’s Application Process
  1. Call us at 419-382-1964 or access your application online. If you call, we will talk with you about your repair needs in order to determine if your project scope fits the criteria of our program and if partnership is possible.
  2. Complete and return the application. The information we collect from you includes your I.D., income, expenses, deed, property tax payments, and your permission for us to perform a credit check. You must provide us with all of the requested documentation in order to be eligible.
  3. Participate in a home visit by our staff members. Your application will be reviewed and the project scope will be assessed.
  4. Eligible applications are forwarded to our Repair Selection Committee to be considered for approval. You will be notified as of the outcome of your application and, pending approval, the timeline of your repair project.

Do you still have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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