You Never Know What You'll Find

What Do We Sell?

To have an idea of what we stock, visit our Donate to ReStore page which lists what we accept (or don't accept)!

Our Inventory Changes Every Day

Every day we receive new items and so everyday our inventory is different! We often post new (larger) items on our Facebook page, so like us on Facebook to receive the latest news.

But Some Things You Can Count On

Paint and Paint Supplies Always In Stock

We always have some items in stock. Ecotone Paint is recycled paint available in set colors that we sell for only $12.99 a gallon. We also have brushes and other painting supplies to go with it.

Military Discount

Show us your valid military ID and we will take 10% off your order. This discount also applies to first-responders (police, fire, EMS). Thank you for your service.